It’s a Beautiful Day in the Playborhood: World Edition!

Topics: Play Therapy, Children, Teens, Free Courses

Audience: Professional Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Play Therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists (MFT)

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Liana Lowenstein

Certified TF-CBT Therapist

Liana Lowenstein is a Registered Social Worker, Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor, and Certified TF-CBT Therapist who has been working with children and their families in Toronto since 1988. Her 15 books are used by mental health professionals all over the world. She is a dynamic speaker who has provided trainings throughout North America and abroad, including China, South Africa, Israel, England, New Zealand, Australia, and Slovenia. She is winner of the Monica Herbert award for outstanding contribution to play therapy in Canada.

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Course Overview

Via recorded webinar
Course Description:
Note: This course no longer offers APT credits.

Register for this FREE recorded webinar and learn innovative child and family therapy techniques to use immediately in your clinical practice. Learn from therapists from around the world who will each share with you one of their original therapeutic interventions. Whether you are providing in-person therapy or virtual sessions, you will discover new tools and resources to help your clients engage in therapy, express feelings, develop coping skills, and much more. 

This training features interviews between Liana Lowenstein and therapists from different corners of the globe. Liana offered live commentary and added her own creative twists. 

Liana Lowenstein will open the webinar with an introduction that includes an overview of prescriptive play therapy. She will outline the prescriptive play therapy model and its tenets in a manner that emphasizes the bridging, unification and research to support play and expressive arts interventions. This training will feature pre-recorded interviews between Liana Lowenstein and therapists from different corners of the globe. Liana will offer live commentary and will add her own clinical applications and creative twists. 

You will learn new and innovative play therapy and family therapy techniques, culled from guest speakers from different countries. This will be a unique opportunity to learn, be inspired, and expand your therapeutic toolkit. 

ALL registrants of the live webinar and the recording will have access to a FREE Resource List that offers HUGE discounts on mental health products.

Check out our exciting line-up of international guest speakers (Note: This list is subject to change based on logistical considerations):

ALL registrants of the live webinar and the recording will have access to a FREE Resource List that will HUGE discounts on mental health products. 

This is a world-wide training event that you won’t want to miss! 

This FREE recorded webinar introduces our exciting Masterclass Series, with leading experts from around the world. Check out the limited time special offer HERE

Please note: Effective 3-25-2021: This course offers 3 CE recorded credits and does NOT offer any Association of Play Therapy (APT) credits. Any APT credits earned from the live or recorded course before 3-25-21 are valid and honored.

Original recording date: February 3, 2021; Length: 180 Minutes
Learning Objectives:
Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the Prescriptive Play Therapy model
  • Implement at least 6 new play and expressive arts techniques for in-person or virtual therapy sessions with children, teens, and families
  • Utilize key processing skills to deepen therapeutic work
  • Describe play therapy and family therapy approaches to help make sessions more meaningful and effective 
    Liana Lowenstein's Sources:

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    13. Susan Perrow: Two Kangaroos
    Perrow, S (2014) The mystery and magic of metaphor. Healing Story Alliance Journal.

    Full details about presenters and techniques:

    Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S, (Canada) Live moderator
    Liana Lowenstein is a Registered Clinical Social Worker, Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor, and Certified TF-CBT Therapist who has been working with children and their families in Toronto since 1988. She presents trainings across North America and abroad. Recent speaking engagements include China, South Africa, Israel, England, and Australia.She provides clinical supervision to mental health practitioners and consults to mental health agencies. Liana's 12 books on child and family therapy are known internationally for their innovative and practical techniques. She is a winner of the Monica Herbert award for outstanding contribution to play therapy in Canada.

    Eileen Prendiville, MIAPTP, MIAHIP, RNMH, (Ireland) will demonstrate: Modified Squiggle Drawing
    Eileen Prendiville, MIAPTP, MIAHIP, RNMH, is the Director of Academic Affairs at the Children’s Therapy Centre (CTC) in Westmeath, Ireland. She founded this centre and designed it’s play therapy and psychotherapy training programmes including the Master of Arts in Creative Psychotherapy. Eileen is a psychotherapist, play therapist, supervisor and author. Her books include Play Therapy Today: Contemporary practice for individuals, groups and parents and Creative Psychotherapy: Applying the principles of neurobiology to play and expressive-arts based practices. She can be reached at: www.childrenstherapycentre.ie

    Simon Kerr-Edwards, MA Play Therapist, (UK) will demonstrate: What Do You Think?
    Simon Kerr-Edwards MA is an independent play therapist and clinical supervisor in the UK, working with children and families for over 30 years. He predominantly works with children and teenagers who have experienced early trauma and separation and looks at creative ways to include parents to deepen attachment relationships. He can be reached at simonkerredwards@gmail.com

    Dr. Akiko J. Ohnogi, PsyD, (Japan) will demonstrate: Yuck Go Away!
    Dr. Ohnogi, PsyD, utilizes play therapy with all clients, including very young children, adolescents and adults, and specializes in treatment of children, trauma survivors and multicultural families. She is co-founder of Japan Association for Play Therapy, has publications in the US and Japan, has provided workshops in the US, Ireland, England, Argentina and Japan, and was a Masters thesis advisor, graduate level play therapy lecturer, and school counselor at her graduate, undergraduate and MS alma maters. She has been in private practice in Tokyo since 2000. Visit: www.dr-ohnogi.com

    Canace Yee, M.A. (Psych.), RPT (APPTA), (Hong Kong) will demonstrate: EMOplayCanace
    Yee, M.A. (Psych.), RPT (APPTA) is the author of “Play with your Child”. She won the Excellence Award of Therapeutic Games for ADHD 2017 awarded by the Association for Taiwan Play Therapy. She created and owns EMOplay® which integrates the therapeutic models of play therapy approaches by inviting and respecting children to freely express their emotions and feelings via PLAY. Canace also established a bricks club in HK utilizing the LEGO®-Based Therapy to help children with Special Education Needs. She can be reached at: www.ynotplayhk.com and via Facebook: Y NOT play – Play Therapy

    Rinda Blom, PhD., (South Africa ) will demonstrate: My Weather House
    Dr. Rinda Blom, PhD. is director of the Red Shoe Play Therapy Training Centre in Bloemfontein, South-Africa and a registered social worker. She has 24 years of theoretical and practical experience in the field of play therapy and psychotherapy. She has a doctoral degree, specializing in the field of play therapy. Rinda is author of the book: The Handbook of Gestalt Play Therapy: Practical guidelines for child therapists, which was published in London, England. She has been training professionals in South-Africa, such as social workers, psychologists and occupational therapists in the child and adolescent mental health field for twenty years. She has presented on play therapy related topics at conferences in South-Africa and abroad and has published play therapy related articles in academic journals in South-Africa, as well as internationally. Visit: www.playtherapytraining.net

    Dr. Sue Jennings, Professor of Play, (UK) will demonstrate: From Holding to Hoodies
    Dr Sue Jennings, Professor of PlayDr Sue is the creator of Neuro-Dramatic-Play, and the Embodiment-Projection-Role paradigm. She was the pioneer of Dramatherapy in the UK, Greece and Romania, and Founder of the British Association of Dramatherapists. She conducted her doctoral fieldwork in the Malaysian Rainforest with the Temiar peoples. This research revolutionized her thinking and practice of play with children. She is a prolific author with over 50 books published. Most recently, the International Handbook of Play, Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy, co-edited by her and Dr Clive Holmwood was published. She continued to teach online, reaching an international audience. She can be reached at: www.ndpltd.org or via email drsue@ndpltd.org

    Lucé Pretorius, BSW, MSW, (South Africa) will demonstrate: Perfect Me
    Lucé Pretorius is a registered Social Worker who has been rendering therapeutic and assessment services to children and their families in South Africa. She also works in the Medical Social Work field and with Employee Assistance Programs. In addition, Lucé presents trainings across South Africa and abroad. Her booklets and manuals are known nationally, and three research articles are in process to be published. She is currently completing her PhD degree at the North West University. Visit: https://www.luce-pretorius-h2h.com/

    Edel Lawlor, MA, Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy & Play Therapy, (Ireland) will demonstrate: Basket of Feelings
    Edel Lawlor,MA, Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy & Play TherapyEdel holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care, Master of Arts in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, Diploma in Play Therapy. Edel has received local and national awards for Social Entrepreneurship in her work with trauma and play. Having a passion for storytelling and fairy tales, Edel is the founder of the biggest fairy festival in the world which was created to encourage children to reconnect with nature and use their imagination.

    Jacki Short, M.Ed, B.Sc Psych (Hons), RPT-S (APPTA), (Australia) will demonstrate: Reaching Out and Drawing In
    Jacki Short is a Registered Counselling Psychologist and Supervisor, and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor in Sydney, Australia. She has been counseling children and young people, running groups and training for over 25 years. As the Director of Sydney Centre for Creative Change, Jacki facilitates and manages online training for mental health professionals internationally. Her training is practical and skill-based, giving you fresh new ideas to work more playfully in counselling for change. Visit: www.artandplaytherapytraining.com.au/

    Theresa Fraser, CYC-P, CPT-S, RP, MA, RCT, (Canada) will demonstrate: Best Thing About Me
    Theresa Fraser, CYC-P, CPT-S, RP, MA, RCTTheresa Fraser is a Canadian Play Therapist supervisor/trainer who has been providing teleplay therapy since 2015 specializing in work with adoptive families and LGBTQ individuals investigating gender identity. In 2018, she moved her family to eastern Canada and opened up the Maritime Play Therapy Centre that provides both service and play therapy training. She has an edited book being published in late 2020 entitled Teleplay Therapy available in e-version Amazon and in print from her website www.maritimeplaytherapycentre.com

    Dr. Shlomo Ariel, MA, PhD, (Israel) will demonstrate: Step Forward Step Back
    Dr. Shlomo Ariel (MA, Clinical Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Ph.D, Linguistics, London University) is a senior clinical psychologist and family therapist, past president of the Israeli Play Therapy Association, widely published in his fields of expertise. He has been training professionals in his areas of expertise – psychotherapy integration, play therapy and culturally competent psychotherapy in full training programs, courses and workshops in Israel, various European countries and the USA. He also published stories, poems, songs and plays for children and adults. He is a songwriter, performing his original music with various bands. Visit: www.enjoymychild.com

    Tammi Van Hollander, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S , (USA ) will demonstrate: Greatness Cards
    Tammi Van Hollander, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT-S, is a licensed clinical social worker, registered play therapist supervisor and owner of Main Line Play Therapy in Bryn Mawr. PA. She is an international speaker and play advocate. Her work and creative interventions in the field of play therapy have been published and internationally recognized. She is a certified Trainer for the Nurtured Heart Approach®, a certified FirstPlay® practitioner. Tammi is a founding board member of The World Association for Sand Therapy Professionals. She specializes in sand tray play therapy, sensory integration and attachment, working with children, families, and adults of all ages. She's the author Casey’s Greatness Wings and creator of Greatness Sticks©. Tammi is a sought-after expert for speaking engagements, podcasts and webinars. She can be reached at: www.mainlineplaytherapy.com

    Susan Perrow, M.Ed, (Australia) will demonstrate: Two Kangaroos
    Susan Perrow, M.EdSusan is an Australian author who works with story medicine. She writes, collects and documents stories that offer a therapeutic journey – a positive, imaginative way of addressing challenging behaviours and situations. With an extensive background in teaching and writing, Susan offers keynotes and training seminars (now online) for teachers, parents, therapists and psychologists. Her work has led to the publication of three resource books, all published by Hawthorn Press U.K., and now in many languages. Learn more at: www.susanperrow.com

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    It’s a Beautiful Day in the Playborhood: World Edition!

    It’s a Beautiful Day in the Playborhood: World Edition!

    Professional Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Play Therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists (MFT)

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    Recorded participant

    I enjoyed this training, I feel like the ideas presented were useful and they led to some inspiration for the work I can do with my clients.

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    Recorded participant
    Jewel Swanson, LICSW, LIMHP, RPT

    I appreciate the ability to watch on demand from home, gain CEUS for free, and learn from some of the most knowledgeable practitioners in play therapy. I enjoy walking away having practical evidence-based interventions to try as soon as tomorrow with my clients!

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    Jewel Swanson, LICSW, LIMHP, RPT
    Recorded participant

    I greatly enjoyed this training program. It had many different interventions and techniques explained concisely with directions on how to process them with individuals and families. The program was straightforward and well paced.

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    I thought this training had a lot of apply techniques. I usually walk away from trainings with a lot of knowledge. This training gave me techniques to use, which is very needed.

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    Ashley Hayden, LMSW

    This was by far one of my favorite trainings. I often have attended trainings that share therapeutic techniques but not how to complete the activity with the client. I feel as though I gained a lot of knowledge professionally from this recorded training, that I can easily take back to my practice tomorrow.

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    Ashley Hayden, LMSW
    Recorded Participant

    Very knowledgeable

    Recorded Participant
    Recorded Participant

    All of the instructors were amazing! Practical information that is relevant to my clinical work daily.

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    Recorded Participant
    Recorded Participant

    I really liked being able to see different tools from all over the world

    Recorded Participant
    Recorded Participant

    I thought it was wonderful.

    Recorded Participant
    Adriana Reed, LICSW

    This training was a wonderful way of showcasing different techniques from clinicians all over the world, and really helping the clinicians who are viewing the training to understand not only the play involved, but the theory behind the play.

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    Adriana Reed, LICSW
    Recorded Participant

    There was a range of speakers who each brought unique insight into play therapy.

    Recorded Participant
    Renee Comstock, LCW

    This training provided some helpful techniques for me to incorporate into my practice.

    Renee Comstock, LCW

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