Making Room For Me & You: Object Relations– 2 CE


Making Room For Me & You: Object Relations – 2 CE
Making Room For Me & You: Object Relations – 2 CE

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Making Room For Me & You: Object Relations– 2 CE

Sponsored by: Core Wellness, LLC

Presented by: Dr. Ronnie Solan, PhD

Via Live Interactive Webinar ONLY

Date: Tuesday July 16, 2019
Time: 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM EST

2 CE Credit awarded, approved by Maryland Board of Social Work for Category I. Credits accepted by MD Board of Professional Counselors (Category A) and Maryland Board of Psychologists. For other states and boards, please contact them directly. Core Wellness assumes full responsibility for all content.

Core Wellness, LLC is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0569. This course provides 2 Contact Hour Live online credit


Course Description

In this profound and intriguing training, we will explore how Object-Relations are formed and impacted by the Healthy Narcissism and the Ego’s regulation of drive satisfaction; “jointness-separateness” as a normal pattern of object relations developed from birth. How separate individuals, so different each from the other join together in intimacy? How does the baby recognize his objects, sense or say, “this is Mamma, and this is Dad” and how develop object relations between them? “Jointness- separateness” reflects a dynamic process representing an encounter between two partners. It is a simultaneous experience which regulates perpetually the safeguarding of separateness (Healthy Narcissism) and concomitantly the attraction to each other (Jointness). It is a perpetual psychic adjustment (between the partners and within them) of the mutual drive investment of both in each other, or together, in a joint object cathexis meaningful to both. We’ll explore how and why shaming, anxieties and trauma, from birth onward, are so harmful to object relations. We’ll explore how object relations may come to deviate from the normal path and how to differentiate between the two. This conceptualization of object relations development will be applied to the clinical setting to produce insight and self-awareness for the client.


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Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn the stages of development of object relations from a Freudian perspective.
  • Participants will gain a new conceptualization of the“jointness-separateness” as a normal pattern of object relation.
  • Participants will learn how the Appealing toward familiarity and the unbearable strangeness assist the formation of object relations.
  • Participants learn to differentiate healthy vs. pathological object relations
  • Participants will learn psychotherapy skills that enable our patients to disclose their normal object relations, their positive sense of love for the object, tolerance for his otherness and acceptance of the object as it is, that is repressed under the impact of the pathological object relations.

Course Outline

The Development of Jointness-Separateness
Healthy Vs. Pathological Object Relations
Clinical Application; Q & A


The Development of “jointness-separateness" as normal object relations

Healthy Vs. Pathological object relations

Clinical Application; Q & A



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