Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalyst

Dr. Ronnie Solan


Dr. Ronnie Solan, PhD, was a senior training Psychoanalyst, was educated in Switzerland by the foremost psychologists and psychoanalysts, including Professor Jean Piaget at Geneva University and Professor R. Spitz at the Swiss Society of Psychoanalysis, Geneva. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 1963. The author of multiple books exploring Freudian psychology and attachment theory, her critically acclaimed The Enigma of Childhood - The Profound Impact of the First Years of Life on Adults as Couples and Parents (2015) culminates her lifetime work. Her clinical expertise includes the emotional development of the infant from birth; disclosing and strengthening the inhibited healthy narcissism enabling the consolidation of the Self-Esteem & the True Self as well as the capacity to love and tolerate otherness. She lived in Israel with her family and was the proud grandmother of ten grandchildren. She passed away in December 2020 at 82, due to cancer. 

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