Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

Siobhán Prendiville

Play Therapist - Ireland

Siobhán Prendiville is a child and adolescent psychotherapist, play therapist, clinical supervisor, author, presenter and trainer. She is MA Course Leader for the MA in Creative Psychotherapy (Humanistic & Integrative Modality), which incorporates a Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy, at the Children’s Therapy Centre in Ireland.

Siobhán has written about the use of sensory and messy play in therapy and education settings in a range of core texts.  Her latest chapters include “Sensory Play Therapy” in Heidi Kaduson and Charles Schaefer’s 2021 book “Play therapy with children: Modalities for change” and Calming Christopher: The regulating powers of sensory play” in Eileen Prendiville and Judi Parson’s 2021 book “Clinical Applications of the Therapeutic Powers of Play: Case studies in child and adolescent psychotherapy”. She can be reached at www.childrenstherapycentre.ie

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