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  • Time To Achieve Your Greatness

    We’ve all experienced the feelings of helplessness and confusion when confronted by a complex case or when we see that the client is only showing us the tip of the iceberg of his or her symptoms and challenges. Why can’t I just help him/her get over the negative cycle?

  • You Can and Will!

    Are you looking to develop your skills as a clinician, with a focus on trauma informed client care? Joseph Tropper, MS, LCPC, CCTP offers individual and group consultation.


A-B-C Focus

Joseph’s goal is to empower and educate you to be the most effective clinician possible. His group and individual coaching focus on honing 3 primary skills for
bringing out your trauma-focused practice greatness! This simplified approach, gives clarify and razor sharp focus to help you succeed,
cutting out the overwhelm and focusing on the essentials.


Attachment is the foundation of all trauma healing. It explains where the hurt emanated from, where it currently lies and how it is wreaking havoc on the individual/couple/family in the form of depression, anxiety, dysregulation and disassociation. Attachment is where the healing and education begins and it is where you connect to yourself, as a healthy human being, and show by example, how the client can interact with you with care, compassion, understanding and respect.


Business is a word that makes many clinicians shudder. We were never taught anything about this in graduate school. In fact, on the contrary, our job description was made into: promote social welfare, at great personal cost and sacrifice, and never get credit, and certainly not compensation. This is simply wrong and does not help clinicians care for themselves and provide the best possible care. Thus, a foundation of this training group is learning how to command what you deserve and how to cultivate a sense of confidence and self-worth, which will show up as faster results, in the therapy room.


Clinical is the learning of skills of assessment, documentation, protocols, consultation, collaboration and case conceptualization. The group setting offers an immense opportunity for you to gather your thoughts and receive actionable responses from the group members and from Joseph. It is truly a humbling and empowering experience.


Make Real Upgrades

Joseph believes that with this A-B-C approach, whether delivered to you individually or via the therapist group mastermind, it will shape the way that you perform counseling and will change your life.

Individual or Group Dynamic

If you want to work one-on-one with Joseph, simply apply below and he will be in touch with you. Joseph offers a free consultation to discuss questions, goals and make sure that it is a mutual match. Maximize your skills as a clinician and grow your business like you’ve never imagined possible. There’s nothing like individual nurturing and a proven track record of success.

We also have a group option, listed below. Groups consist of like-minded motivated clinicians who have a passion for client care and want to maximize their impact as trauma therapists.

The groups meet weekly and each person takes on a project, which he or she is accountable to the group for. Each member is appointed an accountability buddy (optional). Members on average participate for about 6 months.


The groups are launched every other quarter and usually meet weekly on Thursdays at 8 PM. However, this time is flexible based on the needs of the group members. 

For more information or if you have any specific questions, simply contact us.

Group and individual sessions are held via phone and webinar. Face-to-face office option available upon request an individual supervision.

Note: Joseph Tropper, MS, LCPC, CCTP is a Maryland approved LGPC supervisor, but credit can

only be gained with prior agreement and for face-to-face supervision.

For more information or if you have any specific questions, simply contact us.

Benefits of Group

We are constantly adding value to this exclusive club. Here are some of the many benefits you get:

  • 1 hour weekly calls filled with awesome material. Calls include: Welcome message, clinical lesson, 10 min victory, 15-20 min hotseat, 20 min Q & A.
  • Submit questions before, during and after calls.
  • Transcripts and recordings each week, in case you missed it or for you to review.
  • You can earn as Completion Certificate as a “Trauma Focused Therapist” after 6 months and your successful completion of milestones, training, assignments and tests.
  • Discounted (25% off) one-on-one consult time with Joseph Tropper (trauma) or Batsheva Hartstein (play therapy) and other field experts.
  • Unlimited access to Recorded Webinar Courses after 1st month, while enrolled.
  • Exclusive Discounts on all Live/Webinar CE trainings
  • Newsletter that can include your victories!
  • The opportunity to connect with and collaborate with like-minded professionals.
Benefits of Group

Pricing: Individual or Trauma Mastermind
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