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Apology Workshops


Why is saying “I am sorry” so hard?

Our Core Wellness Apology workshop looks into methods on how to analyse and intervene in our daily habits and incorporate politeness into the day. The training will make you understand how giving and receiving forgiveness mends and nourishes interpersonal experiences.  

You will learn how to teach your client on;


  • Expressing regret and shame when apologising

  • How an apology should clarify the intention behind an act

  • How to acknowledge the hurt caused to others by the said action and taking responsibility for it

  • Why an Apology should be public expressing the feelings of the damage

What You Will Get From The Training

  • Why apologies are an internal battle

  • How to offer a sufficient apology

  • Attitudes and expressions impending a satisfactory apology

  • How to apply clinical forgiveness and effective communication during an apology

  • How to repair a relationship after a heart-wrenching experience

Forgiveness is a struggle every human being seeks to conquer for peace of mind and mindful coexistence. Join our Apology workshop from the comfort of your home or office and heal hearts while at it!

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