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Couples Counseling Workshops

Happy and beautiful marriages have both partners working on individual growth and vitality.

Our Couples Counseling workshop offers engaging strategies to strengthen the couple through all phases in their partnership. 

You will understand how to teach your clients to foster intimacy, teamwork, romance, and the simple art of resolving conflicts lovingly.

Our training is a step by step based session that proves successful in dealing with marital issues. When clients implement practical lessons. The modalities discussed include;

  • CBT

  • Communication skills

  • Five love languages

  • Gottman and Imago

  • Family systems

  • EFT

  • Divorce Busting

  • Trauma

  • IFS 

Course Objectives

  • The values of clients creating more satisfying marriages

  • How to navigate societal bred expectations

  • Explain how the marriage meeting tool is consistent with therapy models

  • How to use an evidence-based structure for couples counselling

The New York Social Work and MHC Boards and all Maryland Psychology Boards accept Core Wellness live interactive webinar as the same as live in-person training. 

Join our Couples Counseling from the comfort of your home or office!

CE State Info

Did you know the New York SW and MHC Boards, all Maryland Boards (SW, BOPC&T, Psychologists) and many oaccept our credits and live interactive webinars as the same as in person trainings. Click here for full details.


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