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Online CEs for Counselors 


The need for continuing education is on-demand, and every counselor, therapist, and other mental health professionals are required to meet to stay ahead of emerging trends in health-tech. Core Wellness makes it a possibility for you to learn regardless of time or location. We offer quality CEs for counselors to meet the rising demand for counseling professionals.

Additionally, continuing education courses is necessary to ensure you retain your certification and practicing license.

Online CEs for Counselors Course Outline

  • Explain who a counselor is.

  • Understand the demands of being a counselor.

  • Describe the skills required to be a counselor.

  • Understand career options for counselors in the private sector.

  • Explain counseling techniques.

  • Describe what skills social workers should possess.

  • Understand the law and rules governing counseling.

  • Identify ethical values to guide their profession.

The New York Social Work and MHC Boards and all Maryland Psychology Boards accept Core Wellness online CEs for counselors as the same as live in-person training. 

Join our wealthy Online CEs for Counselors Workshops from your home or office's comfort!

CE State Info

Did you know the New York SW and MHC Boards, all Maryland Boards (SW, BOPC&T, Psychologists) and many oaccept our credits and live interactive webinars as the same as in person trainings. Click here for full details.


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